Miguel A. Garcia Jr.

Currently researching the ways in which social media technologies can impact real-world activism. I’m looking at the individuals which help spark and drive these social movements, the social technologies used, and possible applications to international affairs.

The study coins the term ‘Cosmoholotech’ in the efforts to create a much needed singular term that describes not only a specific type of social technology but also a specific type of individual that can successfully drive social media to inspire real-world activism. It signifies the ‘order’ that is needed to bring meaning to our social age, the ‘holistic’ approach to encourage big-picture perspectives, and the technology, coupled with extraordinary people traits, that can reflect these endeavours.  The hypothesis is that certain individuals coupled with a certain type of social technology can help activate and control real-world actions and drive them towards success. It is intended that the research will introduce new approaches to the next generation of social media technologies, help identify the right individuals to control and drive these changes, and present a new area of research to a discipline that has yet to seriously consider its force.


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