Cosmoholotech Philosophy on Education

Where have the students gone?


Philosophy is best shown and understood through actions in the real world. We must have varied experiences of philosophy to understand the best application of philosophy in our own life. An unbiased approach should be followed when we teach global philosophy, from those we abhor to those we adore, only than can we truly understand “the other”. However, a conscious mind must not accept a philosophy simply because it looks good on paper or sounds right in the classroom.

The best professors never teach and the best students never learn in the usual sense of an educational system. A Cosmoholotech education is like an art form, best when practiced through first-hand experiences. The best professor stops turning his back to his students to post facts on a board and instead focuses on submerging his students in the varied experiences of his or her field. Similarly,  the best student stops looking at a screen to record or research facts and instead focuses on striving to live by his or her field of interest.

Why wait until you graduate to figure out how the real world works? What is the real world anyway? Real to who? Why spend 4 years of college life experimenting and coming out without a solid plan? What is missing?

The practicality of education.


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