Don’t Surpass Standards and Expectations, Redefine Them

Redefine the fight, cause there's more than one way to prove your worth. Eloy Alonso, Reuters.


When was the last time you went above and beyond the call of duty?

Whether in our professional or personal lives many of us strive to do more than what is asked of us. Why? Because we expect to receive something in return whether material, psychological, or a mix of both. Some of us have been raised in a culture of hard-work and dedication, told that the more you put in the more you’ll get out. Problem is, this doesn’t hold true in every situation.

While it’s important to focus on what’s expected of us I believe it’s more important to focus on two things: what do we expect from ourselves and is that better than the established standards and expectations? The answer should be an emphatic YES! You should always strive to want something better than what is currently in place.  This doesn’t mean becoming a neurotic perfectionist or becoming anti-establishment. It simply means learning to understand the standards and expectations and not concentrating so much on simply surpassing them. Wait. What can be better than surpassing standards and expectations? Redefining them for yourself.

Stop trying to be a super hero. Feeling like you have super powers and working harder doesn’t always translate to better results. Instead ask yourself if you want to keep shooting above the mark that everyone else is also shooting for. Or do you want to be the person that takes a look at that mark and decides there’s something else much more valuable to shoot for.

So take a look at what you’ve been chronically working on and ask yourself if it’s what you expect of yourself or is it just something that someone is expecting from you? If it’s more of the former you’re right on track to redefining what matters to you, not simply surpassing what matters to someone else.


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