The ‘Cosmoholotech’ Approach


Future Tech City in London

There are three things I’m searching for: extraordinary individuals, powerful social technology, and successful global activism

My study aims to investigate movements organized with the help of social media. It will examine what can be done to inspire and drive successful global activism through social technology by uncovering individual characteristics that help spark and drive social epidemics. In other words, finding the right individuals to help lead the way towards building a type of social platform which inspires, organizes, and drives global activism.

The study is divided in three different areas: the individual, the technology, and the possible applications towards global activism. It coins the term ‘Cosmoholotech’ in the efforts to create a much-needed singular term that describes not only a type of social technology but also a type of individual that can drive social media technologies to inspire global activism. It signifies the ‘order’ needed to bring meaning to our social age, the ‘holistic’ approach to encourage big-picture perspectives, and the technology, coupled with extraordinary people traits, that can reflect these endeavours.  The hypothesis is that certain individual characteristics coupled with a certain type of social technology can help activate and control real-world actions and drive them towards success. The intention is that the research will introduce new approaches in the use of social media technologies for global activism and help identify the right individuals to control and drive these changes. Also, the study aims to not only influence the “hardcore” crowd  of activists but make it easy for the ever day citizen to find a place within the social platform for his or her cause.


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