The Individual Before the State: Human Security as The First Priority of Global Order

The World of Me, You, and Us

Due to the fast changing nature of our global order the concerns of the individual must come before those of the state. However, the state remains the most powerful player in this relationship.

In a way I advocate that many concerns of the state will increasingly evolve to become those of its individuals, thus, by addressing the issues of many you address the issues of one, and vice versa. This is not to say that all issues can be addressed in this way but there are many that can. With more region-focused and intrastate conflicts this is becoming more and more of a reality.

While most literature will describe this as a blurring of concerns and compound an already conflated conception I prefer to refer to these changes as the evolution of the concepts in which the defining aspects of security have grown to include important components of the human structure.

Another major point of contention is the analysis of state security threats as equal to human security threats. If the state is under threat then, generally, its citizens will also be threatened.

However, most literature stops here and does not address the reverse implications of the argument. If humans are under threat does that generally mean the state will also be threatened?

No, proven by many non-traditional issues of human security threats that have not affected their states in any significant way. (AIDS, Malaria, malnourishment, poverty)

The best way to start improving the power of the individual is by promoting human security at the grass-roots level, concentrating on successful practical applications from around the world, using technology to connect those pursuing similar interests, and using a cosmopolitan approach rooted in legalism. (Investigating how international law is an extension of cosmopolitan ideals)

Increasingly,  people (NGO’s, international organizations, companies) will carry more responsibility for our new global order.


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