The ‘Cosmoholotech’ Approach

Using technology to advance the ideals of cosmopolitanism

There has never been a better time to pursue the ideals of cosmopolitanism. More than any other society before us we have the tools today to make positive impacts on a global scale and at an unprecedented pace. Not everyone has had this chance, we do.

My message is not one of utopia, world government, or world peace. Changing the conceptualizations of these terms, which many pessimists have over-killed, is not enough to defend the ideals that we care about . We must create new meanings of who and what is a cosmopolitan person/society and how technology is used as an asset towards that goal.

Therefore, we must go past theorizing and into practical application. Now that we are entering what many have dubbed the ‘Connected Age’ it is more important than ever that we interact and cooperate on projects that benefit much more than just our immediate surroundings. You might think that your field is too specialized or that your work is menial, but nothing is farther from the truth.

In our new age it isn’t only about what you do on your day-to-day job or the established standards and expectations. Much of the literature in this area of business and technology describes the best people as those which can bridge gaps, meaning connecting seemingly unrelated things and building new applications. Discovering something we didn’t even know we were missing. Not something we need to live, but certainly something we need to live better.

Technology is the new link to cosmopolitanism. It’s one of the most effective tools which can defend its ideals and prove its practicality. However, technology by itself is useless. Human nature drives technology, and in turn, technology responds to human nature. Therefore, to address technological innovation and progress is not enough.

Before we attempt to drive technology we must ask ourselves what is driving us and what is the holistic approach we will use to make technology improve global order in the 21st Century? This is what I like to call the ‘Cosmoholotech’ approach. Joining the terms cosmos, holos, and technology.

-Miguel A. Garcia Elizondo


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